PhD Projects 2016

This was the list of our 2016 PhD projects. All projects are fully funded for at least 3 years. Application deadline was January 15, 2016.

Open PhD positions for own proposal elaboration within Organismal Biology
Keywords Organismal Biology, behaviour, ecology, evolution, physiology, neurobiology
Advisor to be contacted with an own research proposal more
The Anseriform Genome Project: Comparative Genomics of Waterfowl
Keywords: genomics, speciation, hybridisation, immune gene evolution, disease ecology, avian influenza
Main advisors: Robert Kraus, Inge Müller, Martin Wikelski, MPIO Radolfzell more
Collective behaviours and social structure in animal populations
Keywords self-organisation, collective animal behaviour, social networks, tracking, natural selection, multi-level selection, evolution, phenotypic traits, group composition, vocal communications Main advisor Damien Farine, MPIO Radolfzell / University Konstanz
Keywords sociality, hierarchy, optimality, learning, neurobiology, adaptation, selection, ecology, cichlid, invertebrate, tracking 
Main advisor: Alex Jordan more
Molecular mechanisms of the repeated evolution of adaptive color patterns in cichlid fishes
Keywords parallel evolution, coloration, cichlid fishes, forward genetics, evo-devo
Advisor Axel Meyer + Claudius Kratochwil, University of Konstanz more
The evolution of avian sweet taste perception
Keywords sensory perception, convergent evolution, taste behavior, cell-culture assays, frugivory, nectarivory, diet, digestive physiology, T1Rs
Main advisor Maude Baldwin, MPIO Seewiesen more
Bird Behavioural Ecology
Keywords mate choice, extra-pair paternity, sperm competition, inbreeding, biostatistics, GPS tracking, PIT-tag, pair bond, quantitative genetics, macro-evolution
Advisors Wolfgang Forstmeier, Mihai Valcu, Bart Kempenaers, MPIO Seewiesen more
Avian Evolutionary Genetics
Keywords genomic conflicts,quantitative genetics, population genomics, QTL-mapping, bioinformatics, biostatistics, genomic selection signatures, sex-biased expression, transcriptomics
Advisors Wolfgang Forstmeier, Jakob Mueller, MPIO Seewiesen more
Collective Animal Behaviour
Keywords swarm, schooling, behavior, information, fish, locusts, tracking, computer vision, virtual reality, self-organization, decision-making, individual differences, evolution
Main adviser Iain Couzin, MPIO Radolfzell / University Konstanz more
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