Application deadline: 1st December

  • Datum: 01.12.2020
  • Uhrzeit: 00:00 - 23:59
  • Gastgeber: IMPRS for Organismal Biology
  • Kontakt:
The objective of the IMPRS bridge funding is to enable IMPRS doctoral candidates without funding to finish their doctoral project. A doctorate at the IMPRS for Organismal Biology should be aimed for 3 years, maximum 4 years. IMPRS students who will run out of funding after 3 years may apply for a maximum of 6 months funding from the IMPRS. Additionally, the applicant should prove their previous or current efforts to find funding (e.g. through a rejection letter of the funding institution or proof of application currently under review) and clearly demonstrate the feasibility to submit the thesis within the requested period (e.g. one paper published or at least submitted). The application should be submitted to the IMPRS coordinator between 6 and 3 months before the start of the requested funding period.

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