Open PhD positions for own proposal elaboration within Organismal Biology

Abstract We are offering two open PhD positions funded by DAAD stipends. The positions are open (within the IMPRS) and not initially assigned to a specific project or a faculty member. Interested candidates are expected to apply with their own project ideas within the area of Organismal Biology, and to find matching faculty member(s) for their project proposal. It is the student's choice what topic to study and with whom to conduct the study - given the agreement of an IMPRS faculty member as a mentor.

Requirements Applicants who have been selected for a scholarship by our IMPRS for Organismal Biology must submit a completed application form with all supporting documents to the DAAD. At the time when DAAD receives the nomination letter, applicants must not have resided in Germany for more than 15 months prior to the nomination, and the last final exam (Master Degree or equivalent) must have taken place no longer than six years ago. Only a maximum of 3 months of study period abroad per year (and a total of 9 months abroad) can be funded.

Application procedure Interested candidates have to come up with their own project idea and a first proposal within the area of Organismal Biology. With their project proposal they have to find a matching IMPRS faculty member who agrees to be their mentor and supervisor of the proposed PhD project. The agreement of an IMPRS faculty member is mandatory prior to applying!

Application for the open PhD position follows the same process as for the outlined projects. In the online application form, up to three preferences for a PhD project can be named (3.). These preferences can include projects previously outlined by an IMPRS faculty member and/or an own project proposal with the prospective supervisor (after his/her agreement!). Candidates can apply for various IMPRS positions at the same time, however, they cannot use the DAAD stipend for a project previously outlined by an IMPRS faculty member.

Please submit the project proposal (as accepted by the prospective supervisor) together with all other required application documents. The proposal should be based on the IMPRS form and include:

  • a short summary,
  • an Introduction describing the general relevance of the project for the broader field of research,
  • the Internal state of research, and
  • the Description of the project including: objectives, implementation, methods, work and time schedule with defined milestones.

Keywords Organismal Biology, behaviour, ecology, evolution, physiology, neurobiology

Advisor IMPRS faculty member, to be contacted with an own research proposal

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