PhD Projects 2017

This was the list of our 2017 PhD projects. All projects are fully funded for at least 3 years. APPLICATION DEADLINE CLOSED!

Two PhD positions studying the ecology and evolution of animal culture
Keywords Darwinian evolution, cultural behaviour, cognition, social ecology, citizen-science, GPS, urban adaptation
Supervisor Lucy Aplin, Max Planck Institute for Ornithology Radolfzell more
From sensory perception to action: Active sensing in insects
Keywords active sensing, sensory coding, insects, sensorimotor control, decision making Main advisor Einat Couzin-Fuchs, University of Konstanz more
Heritability and microevolution of hormonal traits
Keywords hormone, corticosterone, microevolution, heritability, great tit, field work, data base
Main advisor Michaela Hau, MPIO Seewiesen more
Alternative Reproductive Tactics in Birds: how to overcome a Ruff handicap
Keywords mating behaviour, alternative reproductive tactics, evolutionary stable strategies, evolutionary genetics, supergene, demographic models
Supervisors Clemens Küpper, MPIO Seewiesen, Susanne Schindler, U Bristol more
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