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Save the date for this year´s Grand Challenges Symposium! [more]

SAVE the DATE: IMPRS Student Retreat

IMPRS Student Retreat
Save the date for this year´s retreat!The annual retreat of the IMPRS doctoral students is planned to take place as an in-person event, according to the regulations in October. [more]
Generalised linear models and generalised linear mixed models: Binomial model, Poission model, GLMM and work on own data [more]
Being a scientist means one must have many skills and talents – intimidatingly so sometimes. And writing papers is one of the most important ones. It’s the currency into which we turn our research and also the most important means for the community to judge us by. Luckily, like most aspects of science it’s a skill that we can improve and this course will help you with this. [more]
Guided work on own data. [more]
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