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Getting Published & Understanding Peer Review

Getting Published & Mastering Peer Review
Learning to write and respond to reviewers' comments are vital skills for early-career researchers to master if they wish to become established scientists. However, these skills are often neglected, forcing researchers to learn them by trial and error. By learning to address reviewers' comments, young researchers not only increase their chances of getting their work published but also learn to think critically about their own research. Equally, by becoming better reviewers, researchers can raise their profiles with journal editors. Becoming an invited reviewer for a prestigious journal is an opportunity for researchers to enhance their academic reputation and improve their career prospects. [mehr]

Career Workshop

Career Workshop
The end of a PhD or a PostDoc comes along with some essential questions: What comes after my PhD or my current PostDoc? Which options do I have? What do I really want to do? What is important to me? Which competencies do I have? How do I put myself into a good light without being too modest? How do I find a position and apply to it? How can I support my own career? How do I get in touch with host institutions or potential employers? How do I best prepare for a job interview? [mehr]
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